Saturday, January 28, 2017

How NOT to Red Pill Someone

Gather 'round, chi'ren, it's story time.

A long time ago, I had a part-time job as a truck driver for a local mailing company. This required me to make stops at various businesses along a route. At one such business, the gentleman who usually met me in the mail room wasn't there, but had left me access to pick up the mail load. As I was getting ready, another older gentleman appeared. He had arrived to speak with the mail room employee, so I informed him that the man was gone. I recognized this gentleman from seeing him speaking with the mail room employee before, so I decided to ask casually, "How you doing?"

The man replied to me, "Let me ask you this - how much do you know?"

You need to keep in mind that, at this point in my life, I was far from red pilled. I was still a right-leaning (albeit soft) Libertarian, I was all about defending Israel, and held a host of GOPe-lite beliefs. I was by all means a "normie."

In response to the question presented, I said jokingly, "I know history, a little mathematics, that sort of thing." I then proceeded to leave, as I had to get back on my route. Despite this, the man followed me as I went to the elevator and started making my way up. As he followed, he kept talking. He told me about this thing called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and when I mentioned that it was considered a forgery, he said that someone was clearly following it. At this, I figured I was dealing with a conspiracy theory nutjob; I continued to make my way to my truck, yet the man continued to follow, continuing onward, and continued to talk. He went on about how Hitler was a British agent sent to start a war, and a host of other beliefs. He went on about this or that, much of which I don't remember. I just remember loading the mail into my truck, wondering when the heck this guy was finally going to leave. It was only when I gave a somewhat short farewell and leaped into my vehicle that I was finally free.

Looking back on this now, I can see a few mistakes he made here.

First, he had poor timing. The guy was trying to red-pill me when I was busy. He didn't have much time to begin with, and now that he was distracting me from my route, he was annoying me to the point that I didn't want to hear anything he had to say. This is the equivalent of an Evangelical trying to throw a Kirk Cameron script at someone rushing their way into the office.

Second, and perhaps the biggest mistake he made, was to jump to the conclusion without giving the build up. What I mean is he tried to jump right into things like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, without introducing me to why it might be possible such a thing would exist, or at the very least present some resemblance of reality. It's like telling the punchline of a joke without giving the set up beforehand - yes, it's the most important part, but you lose something when you take away its purpose. A lot of people make this mistake, and with many topics.

What did red pill me on things like racialism or the Jewish Question? It was actually getting on Twitter after I already lost faith in democracy, then being introduced to undeniable facts, figures, and studies which conflicted with my own view of reality. I didn't want to believe such things, mind you, but truth was staring me in the face demanding I acknowledge it. Much like my journey from unbelief into Christianity, there were historic realities I could not fight against. Furthermore, a lot of words, statements, and concepts that I had formerly been confused by were now clearer. For example, I had been familiar with the word "globalist" from my exposure with Alex Jones, but Jones uses that word so often that it loses all meaning, and I never understood what he meant by it. By my education from many in the dissident right, I came to realize what "globalism" meant, and why it was so dangerous.

It may be that, like Evangelicals and conversion, we expect normies to be red pilled in a great "Pauline moment." We expect people to receive one bit of information, be knocked off their horse, have a revelation, and instantly change their ways. While I won't deny that can happen, it rarely does. Education and the wearing down of the walls are what we must do. Appealing to personal experience or the reality of the world around us will help wake them up. Beyond that, there is nothing else we can do.

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  1. "Education and the wearing down of the walls are what we must do."

    Indeed. I was indifferent, then counter-Jihad, then republican, then conservative, then Reactionary. It is a process. At each stage, you need a wakeup call to keep dosing up on redpills.

    By the way, I have moved to Wordpress. So feel free to amend the link in your sidebar when you get a moment. I can now be found at: